Welcome to the video interview experience!

This is a place to practice your interview skills by participating in an online video interview. The experience consists of 3 steps:
Step 1: You take an online video interview (around 10 minutes).
Step 2: You complete a personality questionnaire and provide demographic information (around 10 minutes).
Step 3: You receive a) automatic feedback on the emotions you displayed during the video interview, and b) your personality profile (based on the questionnaire). This feedback will also be available for download as a pdf file.

To participate you need a computer or laptop with a web camera and microphone. Our platform does not support tablets or smartphones. This video interview experience is part of a scientific project aiming to study behavior in online video interviews. To participate, move to the next page.


I have read the provided information, and I consent to all of the following: My participation is voluntary, and I am free to withdraw at any time; Video responses to the interview and personality data will be collected, and the researchers will ensure the privacy of my data.